Wonderlake Como is an ensemble of ideas and individuals with extraordinary perspectives on the Lake Como area. Wonderlake Como is a non-profit association whose cultural project is to promote the qualities of this region in Italy and around the world, through publications and cultural events that show the area off in its best light, putting forward a modern and integrated image of a place that has always possessed its own strong identity.


The communication challenge

The project is based on a shared certainty: quality is the primary source of competitive advantage. Quality communication not only spreads value, but creates it itself, helping to promote and communicate the entire artistic, cultural and natural heritage of Lake Como.


Wonderlake Como is a non-profit association that undertakes publishing projects and cultural events. Opportunities to contaminate local places with international contents and languages in a fundamental exchange of points of view, necessary to create new connections and unprecedented perspectives.

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Associazione Wonderlake Como
via Volta 70, 22100 Como, Italy