Wonderlake Como is an ensemble of ideas and individuals with extraordinary perspectives on the Lake Como area. Wonderlake Como is a non-profit association whose cultural project is to promote the qualities of this region in Italy and around the world, through publications and cultural events that show the area off in its best light, putting forward a modern and integrated image of a place that has always possessed its own strong identity.



Wonderlake Como recounts the Lake Como area through a series of publications that reveal unseen perspectives among their pages, each of them having the marvel as their common thread. The story recounted in these pages is told in poetry. A form of poetry that unfolds in a sequence of architectural images that tell a history of architecture, ornamentation and furnishings. It is a treasury for the mind and eyes of those who live on, and for those who are just passing by, this beautiful lake.



THINK WONDERLAKE is an invitation to look at Lake Como with fresh eyes. It is a new magazine dedicated to the exploration of the wonders of the region for those who are already familiar with it, but are willing to approach it as one who is seeing it for the first time. THINK WONDERLAKE is where ancient traditions meet new cultural ideas, and where local ingredients encounter never before seen elements, approached from the perspective of a truly international vision that seeks to see and to recount the very essence of this lake.


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Associazione Wonderlake Como
via Volta 70, 22100 Como, Italy